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A kind of VR game that involves the player staying in place shooting at things coming at them - as if stuck on a stoop.
Ah, another stooper - when will developers get creative with VR?
by Xbot5432 December 13, 2016
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A person who makes his living collecting discarded betting tickets at horse racing tracks, then going through them looking for winning slips that were accidentally thrown away.
I always double check my tickets. I don't want some damn stooper cashing in on my win.
by Henry G October 16, 2005
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Among Irish Republicans in Northern Ireland, a "stooper" is an insult for a Catholic who isn't sufficiently nationalist; who is suspected of harbouring pro-British sympathies; who "stoops" (bows and scrapes, kowtows) to the Queen of England, and submits to the hegemony of the Unionist ascendancy.

Usually it just means somebody who supports the SDLP instead of Sinn FΓ©in, but since the Good Friday Agreement the ultra diehards have started to regard Shinners as just another set of stoopers.
What's a stooper like you doing wearing a Celtic jersey?
by Canti is Dante February 12, 2010
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A person of little intelligence, a small brain or a lack of education. A fool, an idiot, a dumb person.
That shopkeeper gave me the wrong chocolate , hes such a stooper
by Deano Milano June 14, 2009
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The state of mind after a night of drinking, being severely hungover, not understanding the world, asking yourself the question "what is life?". Can also happen after doing drugs. Can lead to severe facebook stalking/commenting, and writing embarrassing things on the internet. Stooper is much like being in a cloud. It is a state of mind.
I am in such stooper right now after doing all of those keg stands last night, I can't even remember my dog's name.
by Jade-A-Kiss June 06, 2011
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A person who poops in a stadium bathroom; a stadium pooper.
"Sorry it took so long to get the beers. This stooper took his sweet time since it's the first time the Twins are playing here."
by deangisele April 05, 2010
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An internet forum Jargon term defining the first post on any given page of a thread.

The term "stooper" is associated with the adjective "ganked" (see example). A "stooper" is significant, because when a post is located at the top of a page, it will be seen (by most users) every time the page is loaded.
:: in a forum conversation, as if this were top of page ::

Swood: I disagree, the Shins pretty much such my nuts. I hope they never come back to concert in Minneapolis.

Woogums: Ohhh Swood.. you just ganked the stooper..

by Fobos April 24, 2006
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