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From a root form of "flattery" but combined with the context of "flirting" used to describe someone gay being overly friendly with someone straight, but of the opposite sex.
I wanted to talk to that cute girl but that gay guy was to busy fluttering with her, hating on my game.
by DesignFerm November 28, 2013
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A term used to describe the following sequence of events while travelling to another city (usually, but not always in another country)

1) Engaging in conversation with a stranger (often on tinder)
2) Convincing that person to invite you back to their house to exchange sexual favours
3) Exchanging sexual favours with said person
4) Sleeping at that person's house overnight to avoid paying for accommodations in the foreign city
5) Indefinitely borrowing an item from said person's house as a souvenir of the trip

Fluttering should not be confused with parachuting which only goes through items "1-4".
It should also not be confused with "Brad Walling" which goes through item "1-4" but replaces item 5) with "making said person breakfast using whatever food you can find in their house (this allows you to seem like a nice person but provides you with a free breakfast, therefore reducing travel costs)"

The term originated in Saskatchewan but has gained favour throughout Canada.
Anna: How was your trip?!
Elizabeth: It was pretty awesome, I saved a ton of money by fluttering 8 of the ten nights I was in Montreal.
Anna: Oh sweet! What kind of souvenirs did you get?
Elizabeth: Some pretty cool stuff, I got this windchime made out of spoons, a pair of underwear with elephants on it, this shot glass, a freshly rolled joint and pinky ring.
Anna: Sounds like you have you some killer fluttering skills!
by DoggParadox July 11, 2018
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