A combination of smooch and squish. Usually a term of affection.
That kitten is so freaking adorable I just want to smoosh it half to death.
by whatevskies August 14, 2012
when a man inserts his flaccid penis into a women's vagina.
bro, i smooshed with Sam last night after i creeped at the club.
by LarryLovesLadies September 9, 2010
To squeeze lightly, slowly, lovingly.
I smooshed her boobies from the outside of her sweater.
by Flukeyballs May 15, 2006
An extraordinary hug. What it would be like to hug god if god had boobs and sprinkled you with fairy dust.
I could just smoosh you!
by KellyT December 14, 2005
i smoosh my mint ice cream with strawberry ice cream and chocolate sprinkles...mmmmmmmm. smooshy.
by Pretty Vacant May 14, 2004
to smoosh your GF's face.
can be communicated via emoji {👌}
often used to stop your GF mid-speech
GF: Did you remember to ta...
BF: 👌 {Smoosh}
GF: ...
by t-dawg677 June 1, 2016
A combination of two (possibly more) words to form one word. A virtual staple on Urbandictionary.
Smoosh of hill and mountain: mill

Smoosh of lion and tiger: liger
by TreeWeezel January 18, 2012