an adjective for a person or an action that makes people who aren't one kids mad
non one kid: that guy has a picture of space as his desktop.. thats kind of one kid
non one kid: chad is such a one kid. i bet he kicked the ball over the fence because he wanted to climb over the fence to get it
by collaborative999 April 14, 2019
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The kid who is usually quiet and does not have that many popular friends but is talked about by a higher group.
Joe: hey did you see that one kid in science class?
Alex: Yeah I cant believe he shit on the desk!
by DE1337ME February 7, 2010
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Particularly speaking for the male crowd! A man (boy) who usually seems to make everything just plain out awkward. He seems to always make girls feel uncomfortable when "that one kid" is near. His penis is in the smaller type range. If he is to EVER have a girlfriend (some how) they just always seem to regret it later. " that one kid" just makes everything awkward"
when a "that one kid" is near by you always know it's going to be awkward.
by Dino3014 February 16, 2014
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the one kid in everyone's grade who's always stoned, drunk, or both. super gullible, dates girls who use him for things but he always thinks it's true love & doesn't listen to the people who do care about him. super insecure but only admits he is around his friends, kind of a dick to everyone else. really sweet to his friends unless dating a thooter (he always is). everyone assumes he's a bad kid but they just don't talk to him.
"hey look it's that one kid"

add me on snap- boodle.78
by Kacctus April 11, 2019
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That one annoying asshole at school who has friends somehow and people think they’re funny but he’s not and is really just a nuisance and an asshole to people and gets away with it just because people think he’s funny. Also has a history of making friends with people and then just ends up being a dick to them and loses them as friends. His personality never changes and he never matures. Thinks he’s the shit but he’s not.
“Did you hear what that one kid did?”

“No what?”

“Kept making jokes in class while a student was talking about how his parents died in a car crash, but still has all of his friends!”
by Gl0v35 February 4, 2022
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wears a weird ass graphic tee and disgusting orange nike shorts. constantly has pit stains and smells like onions. probably plays the clarinet ir some shit
ugh that one kid is so gross.
by kepicket October 17, 2020
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You know... That ONE weird kid.. Like really weird. Even weirder than the weird kid... You know... Yeah..
Random guy: Hey did you hear about that new kid?

Other guy: yes he's that one kid in your class

Random guy: He's that one kid in my class...
by KatIsASansFangirl May 22, 2021
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