Common slang for Wauwatosa, a suburb located directly outside of Milwaukee.

Filled with perfect families in quaint single family homes flying the People's Flag of Milwaukee.

Outsiders like to hate on the place, but only because they want to live there.
Let's meet at the Tosa village and grab some food.
by bigg dicc February 4, 2021
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You will never have to worry about a loose dog EVER if your walking one of these.
Tosa Inu is the toughest dog of all.
by fffejkdhjhj June 17, 2009
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school in wauwatosa wi that consists of everything from fags, druggies, smart kids, jocks, and retards.

they have a decent sports program but dont win state for anything
make fun of muhs for being all guys but in reality they have more fun and are overall better at life
student 1 "hey wanna go to hart park an watch those muhs fags beat us again in football"

student 2 "ya then at like halftime or something we can go into the woods and smoke then walk to noodles while we're blitzed out of our minds"

student 1 "i just love goin to Tosa east dont you. we can get away with anything that we want"
by young jesus2 February 15, 2010
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Pre-cursor to the modern day fantasy sports league.
Tosa-leagues were started during the Great Depression, when bored sports fans would make up their own leagues and seasons using real players. Drafts were carried out using a complex number system that was applicable to every league and easy to use once memorized. The financial costs of setting up or joining a league were minimal, and many people formed multiple teams in multiple leagues, to the point where they were essentially "tossing up" a league (hence the title).
Unlike fantasy sports leagues, Tosa-leagues require some degree of interaction, simulated or otherwise. Tosa-league participants are forbidden to trade players during the season, and must stick with whichever athletes they initially drafted.
Tosa-League enthusiasm grinded to a halt once America entered the Second World War. Most soldiers were no longer able to follow professional sports, and army regulations kept them from engaging in any kind of interaction.
Tosa-leagues enjoyed a moderate resurgence of interest in the 1980's, and have continued to grow in popularity ever since. They are often used with high school sports, where their interaction requirement is far more feasible. The original number system is still used to this day.
by James L. January 17, 2006
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tosa means shoes., as the word sapatos was clearly re-arranged as tos-sa-pa, it was shortened to tosa by funky dudes during the 80's.
like your tosa bro.
by tonnpogi September 7, 2023
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