To go hard in what you do, you can get it in with females, money, hoop'n etc..
by tg_c4 April 5, 2009
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boy: girl you gonna let me "get it in"?
girl: of course i am.
by slutmuffinn November 9, 2009
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To have a fun or entertaining time with, usually as compensation for a period of extended separation between two or more people.
When you come visit me at college, we'll get it in.

I haven't seen you guys in a minute. We should get it in this weekend!

by litfuse January 11, 2008
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I been trynna get a job for months, but I'mma get it in. beliee dat!
by Luminiferous Aether February 27, 2010
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A positive statement to pump someone up like a cheerleader. To achieve a goal. Reinforcement on the repetitive notion to achieve maximal greatness at the task at hand.
Kelli "I'm takin' two cookies"
Jami "Get it Get it!!"
by JaKell August 14, 2015
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Phrase encouraging whomever is listening to go ahead and move forward, doing whatever it is one is talking of doing without haste.
Brian told Bret, "Bro, if you gonna go get me my money you might ought to go ahead and get-that-in before I have to go".
by Nikki Stixx December 9, 2018
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