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someone with a strong aversion to consuming anything considered "cute" by popular notion
She's a staunch "cute-atarian", as such, she won't eat anything cute. Chickens and turkeys are fair game, but the thought of veal or lamb or even venison makes her feel nauseous.
by Empire of the Moon January 27, 2008
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An inflatable, full body-length sex doll.
(More lifelike versions of the doll have begun to appear on the market in recent history. They're made of more expensive synthetic rubber type materials.)
"I wonder how these sex dolls got their name dutch wife."

"Who cares about the wives and the Dutch anyway?"

by Empire of the Moon December 8, 2006
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An SUV (or full size sedan) which is parked in a space marked "compact" in the mall parking lot or public garage. The lack of available space forces the rear end of the said vehicle to stick out of neighboring cars that are smaller.
"Look at that J-Lo parked next to you! How did she even fit that thing in there?!"

The mall parking patrol looks specifically for those J-Los parked illegally in the compact spaces.
by Empire of the Moon February 18, 2007
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an entire series of the film: the original and all its subsequent sequels thereafter
(ie, James Bond/007 films, Star Wars movies, Rocky series, etc.)

Francis Ford Coppola hasn't made a real movie ever since his daughter Sophia ran the Godfather franchise into the ground.
by Empire of the Moon December 4, 2006
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