How the French spell French.

There is an accent under the c though.
Il est francais.
(He is French)
Elle est francaise.
(She is French)
by Buttcheese September 23, 2007
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Francais means french in francais. francais is the biggest shit you will ever learn. Whenever I do francais i wanna kill myself.
Dude: Yo what do we have first period?
Me: We have francais
Dude: i wanna quit school
by ddssgg November 20, 2018
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Francais- a middle name for girls. Used as an extremely francophone form of the more common name Frances. People with this middle name tend to be know-it-alls, but also extremely cute.
"That Alison Francais Mulvale is one big pain in the ass, she thinks she knows alot about olde english."
"I agree but she is pretty cute"
"Here Here"
by Hamm-tor April 9, 2009
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N. One who is Josh.
V. To act is if you are Josh.

Commonly used among those who are in contact with the one known as Josh.
Your dialect resembles that of Eduardo Francais.
by Josh April 25, 2004
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A burger that comes with parsnips
"Hey Bob, what's the burger of the day?" "It's the Parsnips-Vous Francais Burger, you should try it!"
by America Lover 🇺🇸 November 20, 2018
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The phrase 'I do not like French' in French
French teacher: Est-ce que aimes les Francais?
Me: ???
Also me to my friends 1 minute later: Je n'aime pas le francais!!!
by HamoodHabibi2.0 October 19, 2020
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The second novel in a trilogy written by Robert and Micah after "Cheeze" and before "TEA". Involving numerous characters based on people from their lives, it's an exciting world that's only half finished and full of action and deep plot twists. The novel is also partially based on TV shows, video games and books that the two authors have read. The book will be published after tons of editing and released after Cheeze has established a name for itself.
"Did you read Le Petrole Nationale Francais? It's a great book!"
by Robert, Archduke of France August 10, 2007
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