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the perfect drink for unemployed canadians like me. 8% alcohol(CAN) 7.5(USA). after this, beers taste like spring water
i busted that olde english bottle over that fat chicks neck!
by brodizzle January 06, 2004
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a malt liquor made by the Olde English 800 brewing company in Milwakee Wisconson. Popuar with ghetto youths, bums and alcoholics for its high alcohol to price ratio.
man i drank to fourties and ended up shooting my sugar ray into her purple star. (see dictionary for other definitions)
by Pubert Qubert Quakenbush April 03, 2003
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A malt liquor formerly brewed by pabst,i think its its own company now... 7.5% alchoholic content. It usually comes in 40 oz bottles and costs aywhere from 2.00- 3.00 dollars.
King of malt liquors.
Dude pick me up a 40 of olde english at the liquor store
by REED April 08, 2003
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Shit tacos in a bottle. This horrific brand of malt liquor is sold most popularly in 40oz. glass bottles and is generally priced in the neighborhood of 3 bucks. Considering that the alcohol conent of this beverage is about 8% the price to booze ratio is favorable for those in dire financial straights. The recomended method of consumption is to drink all 40oz. in a hurry and then wait for the party to begin. Unfortunatly, the hangover that results from Olde English is akin to being run over by a Cadilac Escilade packed with over weight gangsters.
Dude, I was down to my last few bucks last night but I wanted to get ripped so I bought a 40 of Olde English and pounded that mother.
by Don_Vito December 12, 2009
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A type of malt liquor that tastes about as good as the ass of a natty light. Is perfect for those of us not members of the vanderbilt family b/c you can get fucked up for about 3-4$
yo, i aint gettin no corona or red stripe, do i look like a fucking vanderbilt? get me 4 old es im gettin shit housed tonight
by DD February 17, 2005
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A mature broad who secretes a golden liquid from her snatch as she impales herself on a variety of inanimate objects, human heads, and bottles of D. The liquid she emits is then bottled and sold to the masses at a very affordable rate. The only thing bigger than her vast vaginal capacity is her immense ego. She enjoys frequent proclamations that she is at her sexual peak, likening herself to the sex drive of a virile 18 year old boy, much to the fear and disgust of any 18 year old male in the vicinity.

"Olde English wore a thong today. I threw up a little."
by Kubrick May 02, 2007
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