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If it is a girl named Frances, she will be the hottest babe you will ever meet, always smiling, really pretty, knows how to make you laugh, personality is incredible, full of surprises, very caring, always loyal, will basically be the coolest girl you meet. Rumor is she is awesome in bed and a huge flirt. Most guys will be way lucky to meet her but won't realize it until she is gone. Typically made fun of for her name but little does everyone know she has many secrets and is a total goddess.

If it is a guy named Frances, you best respect this dude because he will most likely be your boss someday.
Wow! you lucky a-hole you dated Frances?!

Frances is a keeper!

I need to find myself a girl like Frances!!
by kitchencat July 26, 2009
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Western European nation, with a rich culture and history. Member of NATO, the EU, and G8. Has a GDP/capita of about 30,000 euros. Famous for its wines, cheese, women, xenophobes, Eiffel Tower and Napoleon. Had tense relations with Germany and Britain in the past, and is presently despised by many Americans. Ironically, France provided major assistance for the USA during the Revolutionary War, and also gave them the Statue of Liberty, one of America's most well-known symbols.
Before pointing out that the French are cowards who surrender quickly, consider what France did during the Hundred Years War, the Napoleonic Wars, or WWI. Still, that DeGaulle guy was a douche.
by captainfugu June 17, 2007
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A wonderful girl; playful at heart; loves to be affectionate and lives to be loved, although rarely appreciated until it is too late. Not very thick skinned; emotional and wears her heart on her sleeve. However, as hard as nails when this link is broken and once link is broken it is never recaptured. Easily hurt, often by others taking her for granted. A truly precious soul. Fun to be with; a hot lover who will keep her man happy and fired up when she is not with him. Frequently, she will be a stunner who turns heads but doesn't know the power she has. This one's a keeper!
Hey man, how was your weekend?
It was good but it would have been better if I'd seen Frances!
by boyfriendmaterial February 07, 2010
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Sexy, pretty, and often mischevious. Appears demure to those who don't know her well, Frances enjoys being naughty and makes those near to her want to kiss and lick every inch of her soft smooth skin. Funny and beautiful, many would never guess that she has a mouth like a trucker, and deviant sexual desires.
"Frances makes me want to tear off her clothes so that i can take here right here on my desk"
by cchuck February 03, 2010
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not only is she beautiful but she's got an amazing personality to go along with it. very charismatic and flirty. her dog Dior is the love of her life. you should be greatful to even just have met her once in your life. she is a keeper. she is meant to shine in the entertainment industry as an actress and singer and will use her power to help those that are less fortunate. but nothing hath like a woman scorned. she will make your life hell if u mistreat her or make her angry in any way.

her dog Dior is the love of her life.
wow i just met Frances and i feel like my life is complete.

i pulled a Frances and won the election with my perfect speech.
by faye531 February 03, 2010
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Frances , wow what can i say , pure goddes , one of a kind she is very witty , sexy, intelligiant, caring and fun to be around . Loyal to all who know her , and if you're lucky enough to be someone she likes , she will always have your back. This girl can party hard is an amazing lover , always smiling and fun to be around. For the lucky few you may even to get to see her soft sensitive side very kind and caring to the lucky few . Friend ,fierce protector and what a lover . This girls has the ability to turn head's with a glance , or a smile and has the ability to satisfy any man , both body and mind , with her kinky antics every were and anywhere , not for the faint hearted is this wonderful woman , one of the very few women who can be as kinky as a porn star , and a caring gentle love when needs be .This girl is the hole package , smart .sassy ,sexy and sensual. Life will never get boring with this girl around.!!!! Hold on to her tight and don't let her go!!! Or you will regret it for the rest of your life !!!
Frances , when ever , were ever let the good time's roll. Dude you got yourself a frances that girl's a keeper . Frances the ability to make fantasy a reality !!!! House wife to porn star in 60 seconds
by Who's your daddy July 04, 2012
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