Something an idiot who means hear hear will type in chat rooms or social networking sites.
Idiot 1: "Uggs and Crocs are topped only by the inspired combo known as Cruggs"
Idiot 2: Here Here
by MBB33 February 16, 2010
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An exclamatory phrase, most commonly associated with Samuel Adams, a brewer and a patriot. The Samuel Adams bar at Logan Airport in Boston is by far the greatest alcoholic establishment with great beer and a fantastic view of runway 33L. Here Herecan be said in agreement with just about anything, except pink socks and vaginal fungus. It can also be said at the dinner table when toasting against taxation without representation.
<I think it's time for fireworks and bow legged women

>Here Here!
by Talons January 13, 2005
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1. A slogan used by car dealerships (or in some cases furniture store) that regularly use predatory loan practices to entice low income earning or individuals with bad credit to enter into high interest rate loans (10% apr on the low end, usually in the neighborhood of 25%). They do this because they unfairly assume the applicants will not be able to pay the loan off so they attempt to extract as much interest as they can from the applicant.
These dealerships also prey heavily on junior enlisted servicemembers, as they know they can definetely have at least 1800 dollars a month they can spend on a car, and get paid regularly. They also rely on the fact that many junior enlisted "boots" make terrible financial decisions.

2. Can be used as a name for the actual store.
1. "Here at Bob's Used Auto Emporium we finance everyone! Good credit, bad credit, no credit we will get YOU in a ride today! Buy here pay here!"

2. Private First Class Jenkins, "Hey man check out this new Camaro I bought! 2015 v6 with 70k miles, only paid 15k!"

Jenkin's Squad leader, "JFC boot.... how much is the interest on it?"

Jenkins,"Ummm, like 23 percent I think?"

SL, "You went to one of those Buy Here Pay Here places didn't you?"
by vettemanhand1366 April 11, 2021
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a dramatic way of introducing yourself, usually if you are an international superspy
my name is Bond, James Bond.
my name is Blart, Paul Blart.
my name is (last name here), (first name here) (last name here)
by Hammond_Cheese April 25, 2018
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What you say to someone when they start doing or saying fucked up shit.
Example 1:
Bro: walks in to your kitchen and helps him self to your beers

You: (as you see your bro with beer) Come round here, come round here

Example 2:
Bro: hey Bro, i think you should make me a sandwhich.

You: faaarrk offfff!! Come round here, come round here.
by Namskal September 21, 2019
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What people say in California because they're angry about all the tourists and people who move in and steal all their water.
Tourist: Hella Cali Vibes Smoke Weed Everyday San Fran Venice Beach Surfing The OC I love Cali!!!!
Californian: You sound like an idiot. We grew here, you flew here.
by KevinSpaceyCrusher August 1, 2017
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A phrase used by locals to express a certain hate or dislike for the summer or winter ambush the town they live in must go through by tourists. These tourists for the most part have no idea whats going on in the town and always ask where a good place to eat is.
Guy comes into the local surf shop wondering whats a good place to eat and the directions to get there. You flew here, I grew here.....
by caace19 September 7, 2010
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