Government-sanctioned anal rape, quite simply, generally occurring once a year in April.
"Man, you sure got wanged on that 1040ez, yeah?"
by Snowduck May 30, 2004
When you shit so much that the pile breaks the surface of the water, forming a towering island of shit.
At truck stop...

"Dude, what took so long?"

"Sorry man, I was island forming again."
by TheSkinny July 18, 2008
A shooting form in basketball used by a specific person which is not nice to the human eye but, surprisingly, it works on some occasions.
Guy 1:"Ew bro that shot looked so ugly"
Guy 2:"Ahlie, that looked like a Philip form"
by Mike Jacob April 1, 2016
1. In (Canadian) hospitals, the form that must be filled out when a person is admitted into a psychiatric ward by someone other than themselves.

2. Any such person admitted under such a form.

3. adj. to suggest a person may be (unbeknownst to them) mentally ill.

See also Section 8
1. "I'll need you to fill out this form one by 08:00."

2. "You didn't stop at that light? Dude, you're a Form 1!"

3. "That bitch has a very Form 1 feel about her."
by Backspin July 17, 2005
Extraphysical form is the name of a power and form of existence that is about getting non-material form and reaching extraphysical existence. There are two main extraphysical forms. Materialized extraphysical form and non-materialized extraphysical form.
"Extraphysicism advocates that is it possible to get extraphysical form by technology, even it would be necessary long and massive studies for see if it is possible or not."

"Extraphysical form can be considered as a superpower on fiction, but there are almost no fiction history who shows this power in the same style of extraphysicism, so, write new fictions about extraphysicism would be good for slove this."
by Full Monteirism January 2, 2021
Poor Form can be compared to the terms "Shame Shame" or "Shame on you!" (As used by TV Personality Stephen Colbert )
You forced mary to give you Blumpkins? Poor Form, sir, Poor Form indeed.
by PoorFormKing December 10, 2008