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To engage in a morally corrupt sexual encounter.
Generally a one night stand, performed after having chatted with, drank with, convinced, or in some way conned a member of the opposite sex in to sexual activity.
Consensual, far from rape, but hardly something you talk about with your partner afterwards.
Friend 1: I saw you and Jenna seemed to be getting along ok...
Friend 2: Yeah, we talked for a while at that party. She was kind of drunk.
Friend 1: Drunk?
Friend 2: Indeed, I had to drive her home...
Friend 1: Did you snoop the bitch?
by Backspin December 2, 2005
A term used to indicate an attractive member of the opposite sex (presuming heterosexuality). Originating in Europe as a call by game hunters in siting a fox. With the evolution of the word fox to suggest a sexy woman, tallyho can now be used to refer to the siting of an attractive person.
"Check out that girl in the hall way."

"Whoa, Tally-Ho!"
by Backspin July 17, 2005
1. In (Canadian) hospitals, the form that must be filled out when a person is admitted into a psychiatric ward by someone other than themselves.

2. Any such person admitted under such a form.

3. adj. to suggest a person may be (unbeknownst to them) mentally ill.

See also Section 8
1. "I'll need you to fill out this form one by 08:00."

2. "You didn't stop at that light? Dude, you're a Form 1!"

3. "That bitch has a very Form 1 feel about her."
by Backspin July 17, 2005
A Phrase used in calling someone's bluff or in casually suggesting that they are flat out lying to you or others. Can be used as a sarcastic command to deter a person from lying, or as a verb, generally in past or future tenses.
Command: "There's no way you survived a car crash like that. Story up, man, story up."

Verb: "I'll have to story up if she asks me where I've been."
by Backspin July 15, 2005