To be in "the zone". To perform with supreme flair and confidence.
"The kid is in rare form tonight."

-Billy in "Purple Rain"
by major_delmac March 31, 2005
The non-compulsory final two years of secondary school, in which students usually prepare for their A-levels; often to move on to uni.
"I still wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my life so stayed on in sixth form."
by Damian Chamberlain October 6, 2006
Inquiring as to someone's temprement or physical wellbeing. Another way of saying "how are you doing?"
John- "Yes Joe, how's the form lad?"

Joe- "Aye, not too bad. And yerself?"
by jus me August 30, 2008
cooler way of saying cool....radder way of saying rad.....better then excellent, awesome, fantastic, approved, ect.
can also be used negatively i.e. bad form ; example : calling your gf by ex-gf's name...BAD FORM
"kory i like how all your friends are hott...good form" - sam
"sam, do you see carrie trying to steal our men ??? bad form" - kory
by evieHGS July 17, 2010
To be acting in very particular fashion on a specific occasion, different from the norm.

The form in acting is very "rare"
Pete, you're in rare form tonight bro
by George Allenby January 17, 2011
A varient of "How's it going" or the American "How's it hanging". Used quite a bit in the south of Ireland, especially in Cork.
Cork Feen: Here Bai, how's the form?
Cork Bai: Ah you know, sure I'm da berries since I got that massive tumour removed.
Cork Feen: ....daecent, daecent.

Cork Male: Hey Man, how's it going?
Cork Male 2: Well, I've been great since I got that massive tumour removed.
Cork Male:....good, good.
by Jackelrayn June 27, 2006
Verb: To be on top form
The act of being at the peak of awesomeness at any one time
usually indicated to someone else on top form by a salute
you have to be drunk as to be on top form
Fuckin aye im on top form!!
by manbridge December 23, 2010