Toronto Slang for Same, Truth, or Relatable. Can be used in a wide variety of ways.
Jamar: Tyrone is a Wasteman
DeShawn: Ahlie
by LocalTorontoWasteMan September 15, 2017
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Referring or telling someone “truth” or “i strongly agree
Jeremiah: Yo that jim guy is a wasteman.
Stanley: Ahlie, i would bag that yute anyday bruv, bumba.
by ThatMaliYute April 08, 2019
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Another for word for isn't it (innit) or right? And used at an end of a sentence
by Manny0161 August 07, 2019
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A remark used for confirmatory purposes or to express skepticism.
Person 1: My girl Angela got my eyebrows lookin' fleeky today.

Person 2: Ahlie.
by TorontoDictionary September 22, 2018
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You use this word in two ways:

1. When you agree with something somebody says.

Pronounced "Ah-lee"

2. When you lie about something, you quickly say 'Ahlie' because Ahlie sounds like 'I lie' .

Pronounced "I-lie"

Mostly use this word when texting, messaging, or online chatting.
Example 1.

Friend 1 : Wow, that party was fun, wasn't it ?

Friend 2 : Ahlie !

Example 2.

Friend 1 : Do you think that girl over there is hot ?
Friend 2 : Yes...AHLIE !
by Julidabest April 15, 2011
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