34 definitions by Biden is a dick

A smart dude who holds his liquor and women. And has a massive dick.
Jeana Oh Scott your dick is huge!
Scott I know so spread your ass cheeks wide girl!
by Biden is a dick March 28, 2021
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The act of shoving your cock into a juicy twat, moist mouth, or warm asshole.
Jeana. Oh you give my twat the best sex!
Me. I know.
by Biden is a dick April 2, 2021
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The name given to the endless trailer park ghetto in North Reno. It is especially dangerous in the wintertime as snow will often hide the heroin needles and condoms that lay on the sidewalk.
Sun Valley Nevada is the exact opposite of Sun Valley Idaho.
by Biden is a dick April 29, 2021
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1 A toasted treat with a jam filled interior.
2 A hot young woman who is slutty.
The former definition of tart you want eat, the latter, you want to eat out! He he ha ha!
by Biden is a dick December 24, 2021
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American Football Quarterback who played at Nevada during his college years. He betrayed his team by skipping the Quicklane Bowl.
Carson Strong may be a traitor but he’s going to be a high draft pick
by Biden is a dick December 27, 2022
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Jeana ahhhhhh you’re fucking my clit so good!!!
Me Yeah it helps that my dick is so big that Goodyear has to make my condoms.
Jeana oh don’t stop my clit has never felt so good!
by Biden is a dick March 28, 2021
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