when you tongue down something it just really means, in a fetishistic way you like to lick certain parts of the body.
I 'll totally tongue down that boot, armpit, etc...
by bragladish April 21, 2016
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Kissing and then suddenly sticking your tongue in the others mouth (other is usually surprised) and down their throat.
John said to his girlfriend 'im going to tongue you down' as they were kissing.
by darkdude122 March 25, 2015
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if a person sticks their tongue so far down another's throat and tickles their tonsil is has been proven that it will help get their voice back.
Girl: "My voice is gone."
Guy: "Let me tickle your tonsil with my tongue by sticking my tongue down your throat so you get your voice back."
by Carl Peterson April 8, 2008
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When a thot is trying to get dick they stick there tongue out and down To try to be sexy however they usually are not sexy and when they are really desprite they roll they're eyes back
The is only one word to describe them

That thots tongue almost fell out when she was sticking her tongue out wnd down
Sticking your tongue out and down
by Cringesause March 3, 2019
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