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A French-term meaning rent-boy, or an insult for an unpleasant young man, having much the same meaning as Punk. The term was common at least until the first part of the 20th Century (see George Orwell's "Down and Out In Paris and London").
I will never listen to "Apache" by the Shadows in the same way again, after reading Dr Pinch's definition.
by Dr Pinch August 09, 2006
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Short for "Bass Guitarist."

I must take issue with the idea that Punk Bassists are no good, because I can name at least three who excelled: Jah Wobble, Peter Hook, Norman Watts-Roy. QED

However - Kids, note: playing the root note of the chord eight times in a bar does NOT constitute a bass-line!
The first great bassist in rock music was John Entwistle (RIP).
The greatest exponent of the fretless bass was Jaco Pastorius (also RIP).
The greatest living bassist is Flea (not RIP yet ;-) ).
by Dr Pinch January 21, 2006
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Prime Minister of UK 1990 - 97. Politically a failure really. His achievements include:

- in 1992 he totally fucked the economy with the the ERM debacle;
- 1993 - 1997 he sort of stabilised the economy but no-one forgave him when it came to the next elextion;
- He had two schemes to try and take people's mind off what happened in 1992. The first was the so-called "Back to Basics" slogan, which led to every Tory who had ever had an affair being publically humiliated.
- The second idea was the Northern Ireland Peace Process, which involved releasing loads of IRA terrorists from jail, in return for which the IRA has not yet decommissioned one single firearm.
- On the plus side, he invented the National Lottery, and timed important international summit meetings to coincide with major rugby and cricket matches.
Ah Mr Aherne! Why not fly over Saturday morning to have a summit on the Ulster problem. And then we can go to Twickers for the England/Ireland match in the afternoon.
by Dr Pinch April 08, 2005
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1. A form of Jewish Mysticism, dating back at least to the 12th Century or even earlier. Kabbalists themselves say it dates back to just after Adam was expelled from the garden of Eden. From mediaeval times, the Kabbalah has been "borrowed" by Christian alchemists and ritual magicians.

Note that real magicians do not charge money for spiritual enlightenment.

2. A cult invented in the 1960s by a fake Rabbi called Michael Berg. He basically just read all the books on the subject and created a million-pound enterprise aimed at getting money out of gullible celebrities like Madonna, etc.
1. Isaac Luria (famous mediaeval Kabbalist): The way to enlightenment is to meditate upon the secret teachings which the Lord has hidden within the scriptures.

2. Michael Berg: The way to enlightenment is to pay me $200 for some old tat that was already available free or next to nothing anyway.
by Dr Pinch October 22, 2004
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1. A territory between India and Pakistan, the subject of international dispute between the two countries.

2. One of Led Zeppelin's better songs. In fact, Robert Plant was nowhere near Kashmir when he wrote the lyrics to this. He was actually a continent away in Africa - driving through the desert in Morocco!
Oh Father of the four winds fill my sails...
by Dr Pinch May 02, 2005
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