Wow Kelly did you see the way he put the moves on Her? Barbara didn’t know what to think when he started in with that TS. Damn Linda!
by Wadsley July 6, 2021
TS or tee-ess is a abbreviation for the term "talking shit".

The abbreviation first developed in 2008. It was brought upon by a serial TS'er named Tony from Killara High.

TS is now widely used amongst the North Shore towards people that lie or say stuff that is not correct etc

People who TS are usually insecure, gronks or looking for props/respect from other friends or members of the community.

Tony- " Hey I had sex with Alisa yesterday"

Alisa- " No you didn't, that is straight up TS"

Some guy " Dude Ive probably fucked around 15 different girls"

Other Guy " Bro you know thats Ts"

by ddieays March 25, 2009
"Thickly Settled". In other words a woman who's dragging a little wagon. Has more cakes than Duncan Hines. Has some juice in the caboose.
"Did you see the wagon on that? Now that was TS"!
by Da Count September 21, 2005
Ts is a texty way of saying 'talk soon'
by _ronz_52 April 3, 2015
Acronym for "True Statement"

Antonym: False
-Anybody want to go out for pizza?
by Jesus Christ January 12, 2005
"To sleep"
You: yo bro wsg
Friend: stfu let me go back ts
by mdaddie February 22, 2021
1: short for the rap group,"Terror Squad"
2: short for "Thought So"
3: street slang for "Tough Shit"

Def 1: "I roll wit ma niggas the TS,and if anyone got a problem,its pure BS" -Fat Joe in the song "Lean Back remix".

Def 2: "I pay attention to school,like my momma TS."

Def 2: "Aye yo,this is TS fa sho homeboy."
by GAME50 October 4, 2005