refers to an ass, butt, booty, etc. Typically used when referring to a particularly big booty, but can be used for all shapes and sizes. called “the wagon” because it follows behind you.
guy 1: damn you see rashida’s pics from the party last nigh? she thick asf
guy 2: yeah she got the wagon fr. she could get it.
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A colloquialism generally referring to an alcohol abuser's sobering up time. Can also be used as a general reference to refraining from any bad habit, i.e. diet or drug usage. Closely related to fell off the wagon.
1. "Hey Bill, you wanna do whiskey shots tonight?" "Sorry Bob, I'm on the wagon."
2. "Hey Jim, you sticking to that Atkins diet thing?" "Yup, I'm still on the wagon."
by Drinkin' again January 19, 2005
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A sports team that is on a hot streak, can’t be stopped. They roll over all of their opponents with ease.
Jim: “Did you watch the Yankees game last night”

Fred: “Yeah. Yankees are a wagon.”
by Alsjc August 13, 2019
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(Ireland) an obnoxious, agressive woman, a bitch
Our new boss is a right wagon!
by gp April 21, 2005
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