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meaning for sure, or definitely. Like how white people say totally
"Girl did you get that money from yo' nigga like you said you would?"
"FA SHO!!"
by AVAIAE FULLER February 20, 2004
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Fasho....comes from modern day ghetto. Fasho simply translates to for sure....basically, it means YES. Sick of all you 52's askin what it mean. Also, there are words derived from fasho- such as- Fasheezy, Fashizzle, Fashigadale, Fashigadeliani, Fashells, Fashellians, Fashaganoff, and my personal favorite, FADAMNSHO.
Yo, you cop the new Chamillion CD?


You wanna cut out 4th period and get food?


what do you think Talisa?

by Jason, TEH GB. September 21, 2004
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- ghetto term meaning that you agree with what someone says (see all ready,uh huh).
Andrea: " You ready to go to the Astros game?"

Jordyn: " Fa' sho. Just need to put my shoes on, then we out!"
by C.E.O. December 02, 2006
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