meaning for sure, or definitely. Like how white people say totally
"Girl did you get that money from yo' nigga like you said you would?"
"FA SHO!!"
by AVAIAE FULLER February 20, 2004
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hey do u want andrew to holla?
by ashlee June 18, 2004
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"Awl my niggah, dat bitch is FUGLY!"
"Fa Sho my nigg"
by LadySwoop October 27, 2004
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slang meaning for sure OR for showing purposes
1. -Did u win last night?
-fa sho man
2. -whats all the extra tin foil for?
- its fa sho
by Sean November 15, 2003
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its what"wangsters,wiggers"usually say to try to act black.some times black people use it but not really.
some white guy:hey dude you wanna go play some more yu gi oh after lunch?
other white guy:fa sho home dogg
by ____________________ September 20, 2005
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Two Words That Are Played Out But Should Be Brought Back.
John Fagnor:"Ay Mark Your Fat"
Mark E:"Your Moms Fat"
Some Random Black Guy:"FA SHO"
by Black Josh January 17, 2008
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