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Someone that makes money in any way they can/want.
Ima hustler,nigga ask about me.
by GAME50 October 10, 2005

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Usually a group of dirty buildings made for really poor/homeless people to live in. Projects are dangerous,very dirty,filled with gangsters,drug dealers,pimps,hookers and such. The first set of projects made(Starret City,made in 1963) where made for Blacks to live in,but over the years people of all races started to live in projects.
New York's worst set of projects is in Brooklyn, called Starret City. New Orleans's worst is the Caliope Projects. Californias is the Pork & Beans Projects.
by GAME50 October 10, 2005

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One of 5 boroughs of NYC.

Bath Beach
Bay Ridge
Bergen Beach
Boerum Hill
Borough Park
Brighton Beach
Broadway Junction
Brooklyn Heights
Carroll Gardens
City Line
Clinton Hill
Cobble Hill
Coney Island
Crown Heights
Cypress Hills
Ditmas Park
Downtown Brooklyn
Dyker Heights
East Flatbush
East New York
Fort Greene
Fort Hamilton
Fulton Ferry
Gerritsen Beach
Highland Park
Manhattan Beach
Marine Park
Mill Basin
New Lots
Ocean Hill
Ocean Parkway
Paerdegat Basin
Park Slope
Plum Beach
Prospect Heights
Prospect Lefferts Gardens
Prospect Park South
Red Hook
Remsen Village
Sea Gate
Sheepshead Bay
Spring Creek
Sunset Park
Vinegar Hill
Windsor Terrace
Brooklyn is da hoodest borough in da NYC!!!
by GAME50 October 12, 2005

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A dangerous small city outside of Los Angeles,California. Compton has a lot of known gangs,drug dealers,pimps,prostitutes. The police basicly gave up patrolling and cleaning the city up. A lot of famous rapstars came from Compton like NWA and The Game.
Compton is sooo hood and gangsta.
by GAME50 October 27, 2005

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Street slang for the cops,a police officer,the police.
Gangsta: Oh snap,the popo are now carrying a fofo....
Gangsta: And to us,that's a big nono!!!
by GAME50 October 07, 2005

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Short for the Piru Street Boys,they where the first set of a Blood street gang that formed on Piru Street in Compton. The Pirus,which are Bloods now,use to hang out with the Crips prior to 1972. For a short time,they where known as the Piru Street Crips,and they wore the traditional blue bandanas as a part of there attire.
We use them berratas and chedda,and G-Unit roll around wit them Bloods and them Pirus.
by GAME50 October 11, 2005

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A large neighborhood in Brooklyn, thats close to to water. Coney Island is most famous for its huge amusement park, but is also a place to live. Over the past few years, Coney Island has gotten dirty and most parts or it is ghetto.
The Wonder Wheel down in Coney Island is so cool, you can see it light up at night.
by GAME50 November 08, 2005

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