One of the most gorgeous girls you will ever meet in your whole life. She's the kind of girl that deserves unconditional love because she's worth it. Shes loyal, sweet, and has a childish sense of humor that you can't help but adore. Once you fall for her, there isn't a way back up because Alisa has a way of making you love her more and more every day. There's never a dull moment with this girl who is beautiful inside and out.
Me: Damn! Is that Alisa?
My Bf: Oh fucc yeah! Did she glo- up or sum?
Me: *shocked by Alisa's radiant beauty*
Me: Don't do it-
My Bf: Imma do it
Me: *sighs*
My Bf: Im breaking up wit u shes mine now
by yeET_1227 October 1, 2019
Easily the greatest most beautiful person anyone could ever ask for, their personality is amazing and their heart is gorgeous. She is sweet and has an amazing smile and the most kissable lips. If you manage to work up the courage to tell her you love her eventually, she’ll love you forever. The way she looks at you makes you nervous and enticed at the same time. Her voice is oddly attractive and the way she covers her face when she looks at you smile is adorable.
by Aguffey31 December 23, 2020
The most kind loving sweet girl in the whole entire universe she is loving, sweet, kind, pretty, smart all of that good stuff she is an amazing go to person she is a light hearted loving girl she is one of a kind no one ever can replace her. Every guy that knows an Alisa will have an amazing bright future. No other guy can visualise anything without her

If you know an Alisa you are one lucky person!
Alisa is a miracle!
by Alisa lover August 30, 2018
Super cool and doesn't give a fuck about what anyone says. She's really pretty but doesn't believe it. She can get really negative and she is really sarcastic. She is hilarious but most people don't hear what she has to say. People tend to not talk to alisa but they should.
" Oh who is she? She look lame"

" Hey! shush that's alisa. She's so nice"
by sexualcats2344 March 23, 2012
Alisa is a very intellectual girl who is very social but loves being independent. VERY funny! Always light hearted. Has a great big heart and is very sensitive towards many things, even if they are little. She doesn't like germs, but in certain situations she doesn't mind them. A hard but very lazy worker. Great voice and a very bold personality. Loves being different. Great girlfriend! But chooses her guys wisely.
Wow is that Alisa? I hear she is super funny!
by coco palm juice November 24, 2011
Alisa - a person who is a bit random but lowkey funny. They are also really nice, a good listener as well as fun to be around

Rando - hey do you know Alisa

Me - Yeh, the random but lowkey funny person

Rando - Yeh thats her
by The Dark Nite 1272 November 27, 2018