means “that sh*t
“ts is mad dumb bro
by sayitagainn September 2, 2019
Bro did you see ts yet?!?
by Dudeman76 August 18, 2019
Thread Starter
used in forums
to relate to something that the thread starter may have said.
TS:the internet is boring.

Person 1: I agree with the ts.
by frida. March 16, 2007
man1: Dude, I just broke my leg. I can't make it.

man2: TS
by Todd Vaughn December 24, 2003
ts = program where people talk over the internet called teamspeak.
Get on TS and we can talk.
by Saberwulf December 19, 2004
Ts meanthis shit” or “that shit”.
Maneeee ts is ugly asf
by Bootykillaaa May 16, 2019
Ts means 1- TopicStarter (the user who starts the topic) or 2- TopicStart (de startpost of the topic). Common used word at forums.
Maks: Nice TS Mauritzzz, I really hope that there will be good comments. (1)
Maks: That's a google question, ts you could have found it yourself. (2)

by Maksvantz June 11, 2006