An acronym for Twat Spanking.

The act of the ball sack smacking the vagina during sex.
Honey, I so horny today. You better prepare yourself for some good TS.
by Yeti78 August 1, 2013
That snow wall in front of Bobby Ott's door was TS
by MJM December 8, 2003
Tumblr saviour. Personal posts are often tagged ts so followers can remove them from their dash using tumblr saviour.
Tags: wank for ts
Ask for ts
by Buffy1997 December 1, 2013
Team speak, it is a downloadable client that gamers use to talk to each other with head sets so they don't have to type in the game chat boxes. similar to ventrillo
Oh no i am being attacked by rats i need to tell my "friends" in team speak
by MRS. mister October 13, 2010
bob: dawg it smells like ass in here!
bill: ikr like ass and booty ts.
by lickmyedges August 8, 2019
Top shotta a small biking gang in Quincy, founded by Carlos and other main people in the crew usually found in groups of SE Bikes
by TS Takeoff December 28, 2019
In massage parlor speak, it is 'Table Shower'
I asked the massage girl for TS, and she said it is another $40.
by joel9999 February 14, 2011