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150+: Fucking nerd
130-150: The comic-con convention is to your left.
110-130: Don't even bother trying to get that promotion.
90-110: Fuck school, get money, amirite?
70-90: WHAS DAT YOU WANNA LOLLIPOP OH YES YOU DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
50-: Congratulations! You just won a $5000 scholarship to Trump University! There you will learn all kinds of useless shit like all the rest of you Trump supporters!
by Father Abraham II May 22, 2017
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A Trump supporter is 99.999% white person (mostly uneducated) Who hate Obama for "Obama care" when they really have a racial problem with African americans
"What in tar'nation !! Put Hillary in jail!!" Trump supporters : build that wall!
by King.Kold February 3, 2017
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Imagine a double wide trailer with tin foil on the Windows, trucks in the front yard, and a rebel flag flying in the grass.
"Dang, Carlos, you don't need to be driving to that part of wouldn't want to run into a Trump Supporter.

"You're right, man..they'll start talking about that building a wall bullshit. I ain't going back to Mexico"
by chunky&funky October 17, 2016
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An ignorant person (usually white) who doesn't realize that without immigrants American capitalism would fall apart
If Tim thinks we should build a wall he's probably a Trump supporter
by Koji_de October 17, 2020
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A person who still can’t see through Trump’s conman grift. Fortunately, you’ll probably be able to tell who they are based in how they look.

The variety of physical appearances among Trump supporters are uncannily limited, but they do vary on age and gender.

Young male Trump Supporter(age 20-35):

Almost always thin, with short hair and glasses. Looks like a nerd who was probably bullied frequently in school and pushed past their breaking point.

Middle Aged Trump Supporter(age 40-55):

Beer bellied, bald, and bearded. Often wearing sunglasses and can often be heard laughing or talking loudly, usually before being seen.

Older Male Trump supporter (age 55+):

Usually stocky or skinny, frequent wearers of hats and cargo shorts.

Young Female Trump Supporter (age 20-35):

Almost always blonde, looks and acts like a demented Barbie doll.

Middle-aged Female Trump Supporter (age 40-55):

Typically an uptight, Facebook-using, stay at home soccermom. Can be frequently found at school board meetings as well as requesting to speak to managers. Middle-aged female Trump supporters are probably the most diverse of all Trump supporter groups regarding physical appearances, but as with all female Trump supporters, they are often blonde.

Older Female Trump Supporter (age 55+):
Short, with blond or sometimes white (usually short) hair, has skin that is baked from years of sun exposure, and often wearing sunglasses.
So…why do Trump supporters all look the same? Lack of diversity in their isolated gene pools, which leads to more recessive genes and less available phenotypes.
by Spicyspectrum December 17, 2021
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A racist white person or a non-white person who is racist against his or her own race
Trump supporters were protesting against racial resentment training..
by Expert Observer October 9, 2020
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Old people who are racist, homophobic, and hate gen-z and gen-z hates them. No one likes them and they need to shut the fuck up
Oh, there’s a trump supporter fuck them
by me.tiktok October 29, 2020
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