42 definitions by Jesus Christ

another term used for a person who inserts hot dogs into dead dogs bodies via penis. Gets off on bloody masterbation.
Jubb jubbs were exterminated by womens rights movements.
by Jesus Christ May 22, 2003
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big sexy beast, great in bed, every girl loves but doesnt know yet...
by Jesus Christ December 23, 2004
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When cumming on a girls head, ask them to "make a wish"
as john doe cumed on her head, he asked her to make a wish
by Jesus Christ December 11, 2003
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From euro-gelled hair language 'lataz' (which means farewell, distortion of "laters").
Good bye.
-Maaaan, I go to the Deep Dish concert, maaan.
-Okay, lettuce.
by Jesus Christ January 12, 2005
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my friend.
non addictive,some studies show it not to cause cancer, that gateway drug crap is bs, stop reading and go light up.
*cough cough*... what?
by Jesus Christ January 10, 2005
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1) A large earthworm.
2) A nocurnal person.
3) A fuzzy blue X-Men character.
4) A Nazi who is blue and fuzzy.
5) A big penis.
1) Ew, I totally stepped on a Nightcrawler!
2)That goth thinks he's a Nightcrawler...
3) Nightcrawler just went 'bamf' again!
4) Heil, mein Nightcrawler! Kill ze Jews und teleoprt!
5) My boyfriend has a huge Nightcrawler.
by Jesus Christ April 29, 2004
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