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The filthiest non-dirty word ever. Seriously, just say it.
by Jesus Christ April 13, 2005
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Pure ecstasy. No, not the drug. The feeling. The word originated from the best map ever made on battle.net.
I am soooo AquaFoxing!

Omg me too!
by Jesus Christ June 2, 2004
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Hospital Heroin. Strong painkiller, very small. Varies from K2, K4, K6, & K8.

Usually popped, sniffed, but mostly injected.
"I'm about to do a THICK diluadid."
by Jesus Christ April 16, 2003
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Your fear of pens
Boss:Can you sign these here with my pen
Me:No oh god!!!!!!!!

Me:Get that shit away from me!!!
Me:I have penomia!!
by Jesus Christ April 5, 2018
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when a black male from the age of 5-55 takes a large nail gun, or staple gun and shoves it so far pu his ass and pulls the trigger, there for coughing out nails for months on end.
Man jason sullivan built a fucking house after that jay- ray he performed on himself!
by Jesus Christ January 23, 2003
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vnc corporations SUCK. they think they're blingin "mofos" with bitches at they're feet..............yeah rite
V: hey dude, wheres all them bitches at?????
C: dude, u mean my ma??????
by Jesus Christ April 9, 2004
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big sexy beast, great in bed, every girl loves but doesnt know yet...
by Jesus Christ December 24, 2004
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