Term popularized by breast cancer patients to mean former, future, or fake boobs. Often used during the various stages of reconstruction after mastectomy.
"It's been four weeks since surgery and my foobs are still really itchy."
by Funambulator November 2, 2007
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Foobs are really, really, fat boobs, belonging to girls who are fat, commonly with girls who also have flub. Many of these girls love to wear tank tops three sizes too small, and hang out their foobs. Don't be fooled: Not all fat girls do this: just the ones who think they can get away with it.
Check out that chick! Her foobs are a mile out!
by *~skinnybitchLEIKOMG*~ February 25, 2007
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a fat Person's boobs. Male or female and are only fat not actual breast tissue.
Jordan had very big foobs and loooked quite strange.
by salty rikerdson III June 11, 2014
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fatass boobs, or really big boobs, or wide, basically just big titties!
Oh my god, did you see that milf's FOOBS?
by xhoonx March 3, 2011
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A completely made up slang term that has never ever been used by any living human being other than Lynn Johnston in her horrible comic strip, For Better of For Worse. It is supposedly a hybrid of the word fool and boob.
April Patterson: "You're such a foob, mom!"
Ellie Patterson: "Well, you were an accident."
April Patterson: ::Stunned silence::
by PreMed January 23, 2007
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Foobs: When a man has developed boobs also known as man boobs or “moobs” from being out of shape, but is still admired by some because he played football at a high level (collegiate or NFL). Moobs are gross, but Foobs are less gross because they are former pecs that were strong from playing on the gridiron.
The alumni overlooked his Foobs through his golf shirt because they were more interested in hearing a first-person account description of what it was like when the team ran out of the tunnel in front of thousands just before kickoff.
by Spencer45 March 11, 2021
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to act of not wearing a bra; conglomeration of "free" and "boobing"
I'm foobing to class today since I forgot to wear a bra.
by NsmC February 11, 2012
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