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Acronym FLUB - Fat Lazy Useless Bastard. Someone who is overweight, lazy and totally incompetant.
My god Derek is a flub he would fuck up a brand new cunt the fat bastard.
by Mr Fletcher February 05, 2006
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To make a mistake or an error.
Dang, I flubbed on my last I'm going to fail the class."
by x January 22, 2003
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A small amount of fat that imparts a cute and pleasant quality to the bearer, often a small amount of subcutaneous fat in the abdominal area
I don't like girls with a six pack; a little bit of flub is nice.
by nopain00 March 02, 2005
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To speak a word incorrectly; To speak as if one's lips were rubber
"The Ancient Greeks had their own mytholology - oops, that was a flub"

"Put the Splagghetti in the - well, I flubbed that up"

by Words Wired Weird February 04, 2008
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Jiggly fat that should really be put away. Flubs can be described by any fatty part of the body.
"That guy's been dancing all night with his flubs jiggling. He should put those flubs away, nobody wants his body."
by Caligula Khan April 14, 2014
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