A pompous word used to describe people that once belonged to some institution.
I'm meeting with my fellow alumni tonight
What the fucks an alumni?
Someone that went to where I went
then why cant you just say that you fucktard
by lolzchrizzle November 5, 2006
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A former student, member, employee, either male or female, of a school, college, university, institute.
Alumni is Plural.
Alumnus is Singular for male alumni and Alumni (yes, Alumni) is Plural.
Alumna is Singular for female alumni and Alumnae is Plural.
A seminar is held by alumni at our college to guide freshers in their career.
by B Nikunj October 16, 2011
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The euphoria one feels upon graduating from university or college. Short-felt elation, which disapates upon realizing you now need to 1) get a real job, 2) pay off your student loans.
When she graduated my sister was totally alumniated, until my parents asked her when she was going to start paying rent.
by anniebee67 October 18, 2011
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The final 6 contestants in an Object show or camp (Can also refer to the stage in the game as well)
The game was coming to a close as they remaining contestants reached the Alumni
by TealUmbrella July 18, 2023
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People who wear college-branded apparel (presumably bought from Walmart) despite never having attended there. Common among bandwagon fans of athletically successful colleges like USC or UT-Austin.
Bet you half those fans are Walmart alumni.
by automaticwpn December 18, 2010
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A fan of a college or university's sports team only because they bought or own a shirt from it but never graduated from it.
Their exclusive association is through being a fan of the college or university's sports team.
Often the fan is too stupid to graduate college but can regurgitate great volumes of team fact, history and legend.
Steve is a retail alumni for Alabama only because his inbred uncle-daddy and cousins are also a retail alumni.
None of them have even set foot on campus, let alone attended, and probably couldn't even show you where it was on a map.
by fuzzygreysocks March 29, 2010
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