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FOB + mobster
A fob who dresses, looks, acts tough.
Can also use to describe actors in kungfu movies or most recently Gran Torino, for example.
"What a fobster & look at the Honda hes driving."

"Bunch of fobsters in this Bruce Lee flick."
by bboi85 August 19, 2009
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Fresh Off the Boat + ster (person)

Asian hipster

Asian fashionisto

Pure awesomeness

Only one FOBster exists in the world so far
"I'm a FOBster. Don't call me a hipster."

"FOBster dominates the world."

"Haters gonna hate because FOBster said so."
by 'FOBster' Eugene June 04, 2011
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a person that just arrived from a foreign country especially from india that has not yet adapted to western culture.
my friend is a fobster he still wears clothes from india to work, turban and everything
by doh78 July 07, 2011
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Fall Out Boy groupie or wannabe
Someone who is obsessed with Fall Out Boy
Look at that fobster singing the wrong lyrics to "This ain't a scene, it's an arms race"!
by Conbon March 21, 2007
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Someone new to to the English vocabulary and literature range.
Woman: "Where are you from, sir? Can you write your name here, please.."

Man: "I from tat island of a long far away at home, I tone nau how du sbell, I got real real bore eyezight."

Woman: "Ehh... This Fobster doesn't make any sense."
by Ladgenta December 02, 2008
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