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1. Anything to do with Clint Eastwood

2. An activity that would be approved by Clint Eastwood

3. Quite possibly the most badass movie ever to grace the earth (due to Clint Eastwood)

4. A wicked sick car
1. Good, the Bad, and the Ugly was fucking Gran Torino

2. Person1: Hey we're gonna go shoot some indians. You want in?
Person2: Sounds pretty Gran Torino to me

3. "GET THE HELL OFF MY LAWN" (said in Clint Eastwood's scratchy yet endlessly badass voice)

4. Dammmmmmn check out that dude's Gran Torino
by Saucy n00b December 24, 2008
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Derived from "Squillionaire," "squill" is a dereogatory term for anyone who accumulates, flaunts, hoardes, or otherwise posseses wealth beyond reason.
Uugh, look at that squill parking his Lambo in the bike lane.

This fucking squill bought herself a Gucci handbag last week and gave $5 to my GoFundMe for insulin.

My landlord raised the rent again but they still wont fix the leaky roof. What a squill!
by Carnegie Freeman May 23, 2019
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Gran Torino is when you skeet all over a girl, then you drag your butt across her body making car noises.
"Yeah, man. I totally Gran Torino'd that hoe last night."
by SkrillaVanillian June 20, 2009
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