The most annoying HTML code in the history of HTML codes.
n00bs: 0MG h0w d0 y0u d0 m@k3 w0rd$ g0 acr0$$ t3h scr33n? lik3 a marquee or wht3vr?!!!!1oneone!!!!eleven!

by beadsofsweat June 13, 2009
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Or Marquee player.
In sports it refers to those high-profile players, whose salary is exempt from capping.

They are signed not only for their talent but to raise their club's reputation too.
"The league has confirmed the addition of six marquee players to the player draft for the upcoming season..."
by pityu April 9, 2016
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fancy name for the place where Esther should have "explored the grounds".
Esther and her boyfriend went to the Marquee.
by J_i_l_l September 19, 2008
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Marquees, is one of the most amazing people you will ever meet. he is always outgoing and trys to make people laugh even if he is in a shitty mood. he’ll try his best and make yours better. He has a ton of friends because he’s so sweet and he’ll talk to literally anyoneeee. hes soooo cute but will always deny it. he’s always true to what he says and he’ll never lie to you and be straight up with you 100% of the time. You know his love comes straight from the heart by the way he talks to people, hes always genuine. He prioritizes things and people he loves most in life. His family is another huge part in his life and will always care for them. you would be lucky to call marquees your boyfriend. he will never let you down, always keep you happy, and most importantly is the most loyal person you know. he will tell you everything hes thinking. He cares too much about you and how your day was to try and recap on his. He will always put a smile on your face. he’ll make you laugh so hard your stomach hurts and you cant breath. Hes always goofy around everyyyoneee. he’s actually very smart but doesn’t brag about it or talk about it at all. he is the most amazing person you will ever meet and if you have a marqueese in your life you should never let him go.
for marquees 💖💕❤️
from: kelsie <3
i love you💕💕💕
by kelsieRenee1 February 1, 2020
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Black Marquee Boosts are basketball shoes made by Adidas or the Slav Adidas equivalent of Black Airforce Ones as I saw 4 Russian gangsters in an alleyway wear these, But damn do they look fucking good.
Person 1: Man I saw that fucking Slav over there and called him a vodka loving crackhead come walk up right at me with some Black Marquee Boosts and he had jacked muscles bro I was scared shitless so I ran away.
Person 2: why the fuck did you provoke that bitch do you want a deathwish he will Russian round-house kick your head so hard that your skull will shatter.
by rusboynaine December 25, 2019
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