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Short for "fap and nap." Masturbation, followed by a short and extremely satisfying nap.
Sorry Jenny, I can't go out with you in 20 minutes, I'm gonna go fnap. How about in an hour and a half?
by poundmaths February 25, 2010
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(Noun) Drugs. Fnaps are substances that usually contain opiates, but can include any euphoria enducing product. Examples include, narcotic pain killers, muscle relaxers, molly and sometimes marijuana or cocaine. (Really good cocaine.)
Man, I really could use some fnaps right about now!
by taryndactyll May 06, 2009
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synonym to snap, but written in 18th century english.
used as an exclamation, either to call out that someone just got burned, or just to indicate general malaise.
by M Digga August 14, 2006
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