A relative term indicating the hedonism, partying, and inebriation that accompanies the end of the work week, regardless of the actual day of the week it occurs.
Jesús: Hey Jim, where are you off to?
Jim: It's Friday Night, Jesús!
Jesús: But it's only Thursday.
Jim: I have off tomorrow! Time to go get shitfaced!
by Archibald S. Holbroke August 29, 2010
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A person who you probably wouldn't date, but is attractive enough to hook up with as if you met them at a bar or club on a Friday night.
Girl 1: So, I see you have been hanging out with Chris a lot. Ya'll talking?

Girl 2: Oh naw, not like that. I wouldn't want to date him. Too much of a fuck boy. But, he's definitely a Friday night.
by kraft mac and cheese June 26, 2020
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The orgasm you get after not masterbating for the week. Then rewarding yourself with masterbating the fuck off on friday. You watch the most intense porn, and if no one is home you can strip naked. If you are feeling really kinky you can flip your dick out on omegle for 2 hours before you actually start masterbating.
Man: "dude i havent jerked all week, and its friday! i NEED to masterbate!!"

Man 2: "Dude get yourself a friday night! Release the fluids like you never have before. Make sure no ones home so you can hit your balls on the webcam to people on omegle"
by Sploogeking October 12, 2011
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Getting together with your crew and doing large quantities of Cocaine...A Friday Night usually costs you your Saturday Night..can also be known as Friday Night White...A common occurence and city wide holiday in Danville,Illinois....
Ah shit its Friday Night...guess im not going to sleep tonite
Man ya got that Friday Night White?
by White Demon December 24, 2006
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Friday night is a time where most people are hanging out together and having fun. But you are most likely at your house playing video games or being non-social (or at least that’s me)
Person1: Dude what are you doing Friday night. I’m hanging out with Person 2 and Person 3
You: Nothing
by lil 69 December 29, 2020
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When all the Dickheads go out every Friday Night cos they think there cool and hard, they only go to get drunk, have a fight, smoke weed and then shag someone.
Rachel: OMG! You've got to come out this Friday Night, so we can have a brawl with those bitches in town.

Sammy: No Thank-You, I've got to do my Coursework Tonight.
by Vicksy December 9, 2005
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The greatest British sitcom to exist.
Adam: have you seen Friday Night Dinner?
Johnny: yes.
Jackie: yes.
Jim: Wilson watched it!
Martin: what did you say?
by TopShaggerMemeulous July 15, 2019
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