1) the most beautiful person on this earth (or any other)

2) the one who you can never help but come back to
guy1: woah look at her!!
guy2: yea she looks kinda like kita
guy1: no, shes not THAT beautiful
by josgen marpar July 13, 2009
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What I lost cause I was too much of an idiot not to stop the cybering....why?....cause I screw up everything....
by RazielSoulStealr July 11, 2004
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a ship between Rita K and Kai S. The most perfect ship.
They might not think Kita is real, but everyone knows it’s real.

Kita is the most perfect ship right ?
by kitaforlife December 21, 2017
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The cutest dog in the whole wide world
Awwww is that your dog??? She’s such a Kita!!!
by Mvplewis3 April 13, 2019
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His conduct on the job didn't improve despite caution. So, he got KITA.
by Natraj July 1, 2020
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A kita is a loving, caring and compassionate woman. She is gofi and funny, she is always up for a good chat.
Look at kita she is so beautiful

She is a loving girl
by Kita is a star October 18, 2018
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