The sweetest and kindest girl in the world. She is beautiful inside and out. She is a great friend and has a contagious smile. Her smile lights up even the darkest places. She makes everyone around her happy and has the biggest heart. She strives to succeed at everything and everyone knows she will make the world a better place. She can accomplish anything and is really smart and hardworking. She is drop dead gorgeous and has the best personality. Everyone loves her and wants to be her friend. She loves unconditionally and has an outgoing character. She is perfect. <3
by :)))) smile :)))) April 6, 2019
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Liliana is someone beautiful yet tough. She is not afraid of NOBODY & she can fight like a dude! Beautiful & Mean Beware of her!
That's Liliana she's so mean but fine as hell dude

You got it!
by TimDSA July 16, 2017
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Beautiful brown hair and brown eyes. Doesn't like fake people she's pretty and always dressing good if u talk about her she gets mad she can make friends fast people don't like her because she pretty and they jealous because they can't make friends . Is the person u don't wanna lose as a gf or bsf
Damn Liliana slaying today
Why boys like her

There my bsf
by Liligirll May 10, 2018
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A girl with a secret identidy, a nice, pretty, adventurous, fun girl . No one will ever forget her
Oh my gosh, look at her she must be a liliana you know the Lily's
by Dhdbdnsjdjd June 13, 2017
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Liliana is beautiful mix of white and Hispanic and is cute in a way that makes you happy just dating her. Liliana is an amazingly kind but emotional person and runs on the vibes coming from the people around her and if you are dating her you don’t have to ask to hold her cause you can just grab it and her smile will stun you when you do so.
by Name Fortune Teller March 4, 2019
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A girl that is beautiful and gorgeous ! Everybody says how pretty and stunning she is. Has a funny sense of humour and can be a #1 best friend! Nice and caring and cares about everyone !
Friend- Liliana I love your hair!
Liliana- thank you!
by Isabella gortry December 1, 2018
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A Liliana is smart, generous, thoughtful, artistic, creative, kind, caring, amazing person. A Liliana is very rare.
A Liliana
by 3_3 October 6, 2013
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