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1. Used to describe individuals who discriminate against others who are not overly focused on self improvement.

2. The act of looking down on people who do not practice yoga, eat organic, and believe in energy fields.
My date late night was a disaster because the guy is completely new ageist. He is seriously opposed to dating girls who are not into meditation and eating sprouts.
by Lotusflower February 06, 2007

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Adjective used to describe a new age type individual, i.e., someone who has a crystals collection, has many self-improvement books, believes in alternative medicine, practices yoga and meditation, eats organic, wears socks and sandals, and/or believes in auras and energy fields. Can also be used to describe new age practices.
I was set up with this guy, but he was way too new agey. He took me out to a vegan restaurant and insisted that I close my eyes and feel his energy fields. Is he for real?!?
by Lotusflower February 16, 2007

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Hybrid english-yiddish term for big shot. A man who is (or thinks he is) really important. Usually refers to someone who is showing off in some way.
So, I hear Jerry bought himself a BMW. With his blonde bimbo girlfriend and his fancy-shmansy lifestyle. He thinks he's some sort of big macher.
by Lotusflower March 02, 2007

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The nerdy part of a person's personality. Includes any geeky or dorky qualities that may be hidden from the outer world. For example, one's inner nerd may become excited about science fiction novels.
It is probably healthiest to learn to accept and love your inner nerd. So what if you like science fiction books and documentaries on marsupials. That's what makes you unique!
by lotusflower February 22, 2007

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Stands for Highly Sensitive Person. Refers to people who are oversensitive to sensory aspects of their environment/world. For instance, HSPs may hate harsh lighting, or get really annoyed by background noise. HSPs can be very irritable and easily annoyed as a result.
Lisa is such an HSP, she gets annoyed so easily. She kept complaining about it being too bright in the restaurant, and she kept talking about her sweater being too itchy!
by lotusflower February 22, 2007

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Psychological term describing a woman who wants her man to be simultaneously: a) charming and unavailable and b) completely committed. Basically, the woman's version of the madonna-whore complex. Leads to perpetual state of dissatisfaction with men.
Jennifer has a total Player-Stayer complex. She either goes for nice guys and gets bored, or goes for total sleazes and is disgusted. Good luck finding her a man!
by Lotusflower February 14, 2007

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Common mistake made in dating whereby one party tries to move the relationship forward too quickly.
Martin said he loved her on the second date. What a major Pacing Error. She would have gone out with him again, but now she is really creeped out.
by Lotusflower February 14, 2007

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