Well see it’s always hard to find one of these, you know they are very rare ,but once you find one don’t let them go. Allie’s are pretty,sweet,kind, and will never let you down. They keep you up even if there down. Dont ever let go of one of them if you find one of them just know that they are special and can make u happy no matter what mood and they will never forget you no matter what fight what breakup or what ever problem. They will always love you for who you are. Remember that 😁
Allies well you know there hard to find once you find one don’t let go cause they are there for you always.
by You are loved ❤️ November 6, 2019
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Girl who are named Allie:
- Sweet and Nice.
- Amazing smile.
- A is for awesome. L is for Loveable, L is for Lucky guy that gets her, I is for I wish i was her, E is for everyone loves her!!!!!
- Usually skinny. Not fat.
- Most Allie's are very gorgeous but dosen't know it.

- Usually brunette sometimes blonde.
- Are normally very very good at sports.
- Have lots of friends.
- Super cute.
"Allie is super cute, always smiling and making you laugh. Everyone needs an Allie in their life!"
by Jacksnack April 20, 2013
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She's the most beautiful girl in the world! Allie is a great person and is a ton of fun to be around. Allies are the best kissers and are the cutest girls around. If you have an Allie in your life don't let her go because she might be the best thing that will ever happen to you
Damn, I really need an Allie in my life.
by Brandon Evan Thomas October 26, 2013
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Allie's are always there for you, and sometimes they will trust a person way too much. It's easy to forget that Allie can be hurt to. So protect your Allie. They will always be there for you. Making you laugh, giving you hugs when you are hurt, loving you like you are the only thing in the world. Just don't forget. Allie can break too.
Stephanie- "Allie! Talk to me!"

Allie- "Shh young grasshopper. Patience."
by SmurfyAYE April 27, 2016
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An Allie is a girl who can always put a smile on your face. She'll make you laugh, and enchant you with her beautiful smile.

She's a clumsy girl, but that just adds to her charm. If Allie wants something, she'll get it.

Allie has everyone happily wrapped around her finger.

She is usually not an only child, and is surrounded by musical influences.

You will notice that she tends to pick on herself for silly, little things. Allie does not notice how beautiful she really is.

by robstenloverjones June 20, 2011
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The most beautiful and loving girl you will ever meet. Allie is defined by her naturally tan skin, beautiful green eyes, and incredibly white smile. She is always down to hangout and will be nice to almost anyone she's around.

Allie works her ass off in all of the activities she participates in, but does not get nearly the credit she deserves. Even though people may get under her skin to the point of where she is completely fed up, Allie still somehow finds a way to be kind to that person. She also has an undying need to serve and help others, especially those that are less fortunate than she, going so far as to travel to other countries to do so. These traits give Allie the biggest heart in the world.

She also has the smoothest skin known to mankind. Allie is very outgoing so make sure you take her camping and go on trips with her, and if you want to make her morning, take her to IHOP for breakfast.

Allie is every guys real dream girl. She is funny and very intellectual about stuff that most guys have no idea about. Allie loves to snuggle and is great at it because she is always very warm. She is such a good girlfriend that she will even write some of your English papers, just for the fun of it! Allie will be more loving than you would ever expect. Every man needs an Allie in their life, because if so, then there would never be conflict between men. A guy can only hope that one day his wife will possess some of the same qualities as Allie.
Bro 1: Son! Did you see that chick back there?! She had a rockin' bod!

Bro 2: Haha who cares, nobody compares to Allie.
by Young pushup January 14, 2014
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Most Allie's are very gorgeous but don't know it. They think they are ugly and criticize themselves alot.
They get annoyed with there closest friends but are always there for them.
Usually curvy or skinny. Not fat.
Usually brunette sometimes blonde.
Sexy and romantic. Very creative.
They make amazing girlfriends and fall for certain people. Not a player. Very unlikely to cheat.
An Allie is a very funny and entertaining person. Very fun person.
Allie: Im so fat. Its so embarrassing!
Carly: No you aren't you're gorgeous.
Jacob: Allie, seriously. You're super gorgeous!
Allie: Yeah, okay.
by Silly_Goose1212 March 30, 2009
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