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Another way to say fuck without your anyone bitching at you.
If you get mad at your cat:
Flook you cat!
by Mike & Sarah Ballou January 02, 2005
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(N) a speculative argument improvised on the spot, delievered with an agressive authority as to make the other party believe you are absolutely not bull-shitting them.
"Dude, did you catch that flook Billy just pulled in response to my question as to why mites lives on our eye lashes? I totally believed him that it was because our eye lashes produce a sweet nectar that they are attracted to, I mean, he knows everything."
by la reine January 05, 2006
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a male (or female) that hops on or hits up their friends ex right after they break up

usually reaches out via dm
this man was best mans with my ex and now he thinks he can get it, whatta flook.

this flook really thinks im that desperate for the d

(insert exs name) wont wanna be friends with this flook no more after he hears that he slid into my dms
by cosmicbutterfly June 20, 2018
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