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An algebraic term—the product of the letters f and u—in an equation or expression that is banned in any MOE-approved Singapore math textbooks, with no reasons given.
Dr. Lai was taken aback when an MOE curriculum specialist told him that he needed to change fu to uf in his manuscript, with no explanation—would the generally conservative MOE have approved fy instead?
by MathPlus October 04, 2016
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The worst grade you can get in a class at my school: An F in achedemics and and unsatisfactory or U in citizenshipe. FU. Coincidence? I think not.
Jimmy: Teacher, what's my grade.
Teacher: FU Jimmy. You get an FU in my class because I don't like you.
by Wellesely Fudge Cake June 14, 2006
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"Your kung-fu is good, but still!" "Your driving-fu better be pretty good if you're going to win the race."
by Industrio Melman March 14, 2003
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