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1) Something politicians or political groups do. They agree with something then later disagree with it, then later agree with it again an unspecified amount of times.

2) Something members of the opposite sex do. They flirt with you then ignore you, as if they are flip-flopping about whether they like you or not.
1) The Greens are often flip-flopping on many issues, eg illegal drugs. They said they would legalise them, now they say they will not.

2) "Man, that guy is a flip-flopper of the highest degree. He asked me out on Friday and on Monday he told me he was getting back with his ex."
by choochoobear April 02, 2006
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v. The act of walking in flip-flops that make a loud annoying sound.
Lindsey was flip-flopping down the hallway annoying the living shit out of me.

I could hear Jacob flip-flopping from a mile away!
by smckdown January 06, 2016
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In American politics, something Republicans accuse Democrats of doing when they're too dizzy from doing it themselves.
My fellow Americans, you know you can trust me more than that flip-flopping Democrat Clinton when I tell you this was in Iraq was about freedom, no, hold on a moment, it was about weapons of mass destruction, no, hold on, it was for democracy, no, it was about the Kurds, yeah, that was it, it was about the Kurds. Not about oil or God or any of that stuff. Excuse me, I'm off to bed now.
by Fearman January 10, 2008
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When two people are having sex in doggy style, the man pulls out just before he ejaculates flips her over and flops his penis onto her stomach and comes over her.
How did you get that carpet burn?
From Flip flopping last night.
by WALS November 20, 2017
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