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Name used to describe a sweetheart. He's handsome, smart, an athlete, and respects women. Will treat you like a lady in the streets, and will have a good time with you in bed after. He dresses better than most guys. If you know a Scotty, don't lose him, you'll regret it.
Scotty is literally the sweetest omg.
You should honestly go out with Scotty.
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Scotty is a sweet, handsome, and extra sexy. He can go by skeet or scotty to hottie. He is overall the best cat in the litter. If your ever so lucky to have a scotty in your life, KEEP HIM. He will never let you down and will make sure your happy if he has anything to do with it. Also, Scotty should be the plug but hes to smart.
He will make your world bright and will show you that love really does exist.
Whose that? That's Scotty too hottie!
by Christ.on.a.teener.420 October 17, 2019
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Someone who doth not know.

He is an amazing person with a great personality, who makes everyone happy but he knows not how great of a friend, lover, and family member he really is. He is handsome, funny, outgoing and has a great aura to him. Also can be referred to as: Piggeh.

Learn it. Live it. Love it.
Scotty: -Hugs tightly and tells her it will all be alright, making up a clever joke to make her smile then walks away.-

Jane: Awe he's such a Scotty.
by o0ScottyLover0o January 24, 2012
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A star at a small school, that everyone loves but is cocky and often cheats or plays girl but they never find out
Look that kid is pulling a Scotty on those two girls!
by tegz123 February 22, 2012
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One teenage male whom is hormone crazed, engages in fapping, plays video games. Usually associates himself with Desirees. This is typically because Desirees are attracted to Scottys. Typically blonde haired blue eyed studs. Extremeley Fucking Hot. Sexy as FUCK. Perfect match for a Desiree
OMG that boy is such a Scotty.

Look at that Scotty all up on Desiree
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Scotty usually known as Scott is a very funny cute amazing guy. He loves to play video games and listen to sad songs about love and drugs. Can make you fall in love with just one sentence, but sadly only wants sex and nudes.
He is such a Scotty.
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