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fleeping is a word in an insult. it is to replicate the usage of the word 'fucking' which is used a lot throughout many normal peoples lives. it means a person who frolicks around like a lamb would leaping, but is more fleeping than usual. it can mean, also within the insult manner again, a person who engages in many sexual activities with old people (fleeper.)
guy 1: shut up you fleeping idiot.
guy 2: well, you're just a fleeping fleeper!
guy 1: *gasps* you didn't! wahhh!! *runs off fleeping*
by kurtlee December 01, 2006
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"Quit fleeping, I know you are awake! Now get ready for school, Johnny!" yelled my mother.
by acanver February 15, 2008
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Fleeping is the result of a stop action camera trick where only the time when one is in the air with legs bent the film is recorded. This gives the appearence of moving though the air with knees bent.
They saw him fleeping to class in his fleepers and with his fleeppack.
by brimstone November 30, 2005
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