A phrase created by an old lady with a mental illness to describe the great food she receives at her day program. Used to describe things that are so good it makes you want to body slam somebody.
"Yo lunchlady, dis chicken is BODY SLAMMING!"
by idontwannatel August 16, 2008
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when your cock weighs so much that your partner feels like theyve been body slammed when you gator slap them with it.
"Last night i was so wasted"
"No way?! What happened?"
"This dude gave me a virginian body slam and now my ass hurts."
by 1337H4CK3R February 22, 2008
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When you slam a bobo ( dumb person or animal, stemming from bobo the clown) onto the bed and in effect breaking the bed post or frame.
I gave my dog the biggest bobo body slam and now i need a new bed.
by Danzeman October 4, 2011
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when one person jumps on another person with their whole body and all their weight
wham bam... BODY SLAM!
by Cori May 17, 2004
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When you run your mouth all the time, spread fake information with no credible sources, and are body slammed for it.
My friend went to a BBQ he wasn't invited to refused to leave because he's a lying lunatic. He was thrown out like a Body Slammed Baby Back Bitch!
by ALC2017 May 25, 2017
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