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A woman with no discernable breasts.
Wow, from the neck down that chick looks like a dude, what a flattie.
by Big Douchebag May 01, 2009
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Urban Males That Wear Flat Brimmed Hat's. Generally seen alot in the melbourne and newcastle. Sydney consists of a crew called FLATTIEEE. Also known as ARKMUS.
Flattie Hat, Arkmus, Flat Brimmed Hat
by HardstylePunk April 16, 2008
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Slang name for someone who believes that Earth is flat, i.e., not spheroid.
Dude, did you just call me a flattie? You just flat-shamed me!
Yeah, I'm a flattie and proud of it, you globetard.
by Spellking August 24, 2017
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