the place where Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson were too off their faces to remember they weren't supposed to act like boyfriends out in the open. A video in a terrible quality exists, though it is said to be recorded on a phone from before the dinosaurs were extinct. The video shows Louis and Harry singing, Louis going for a kiss and Harry hugging him instead because they were of course in public, and Louis screaming 'BOYFRIEND'. Blessed day for the gays.
*legendary larrie holding up a sign*
Liam, on stage: "Investigate Wellington"? What is that?
by sapphicami April 20, 2020
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The Capital of New Zealand. known as the coolest little Capital in the World. Often windy and stunning on a good day
boring Person: I live in a capital city
coolest person: I live in Wellington NZ
by ozelement December 7, 2010
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The capital of New Zealand. Not as preppy as Christchurch but not as stuck up as Auckland. Population is over 400,000. The weather is very harsh especially the wind. Probably well known for the beehive and the fact that their rugby team gets their ass kicked by every single time.
Aucklander: Holy shit i just saw a cow fly past me!!
Wellingtonian: Meh...
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Capital city of New Zealand, also known as Wellywood due to it being the home of Weta Studios (special effects geni behind Lord of the Rings and King Kong).

Wellington has some of the coolest graffiti in the world due to its political nature.

Lots of hills, good for keeping pedestrians fit.
My thighs are so toned coz I just spent 2 weeks making a short film in Wellington
by flatscreenface June 28, 2007
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The act of forcing a females hand upon your own crotch in the attempt to receive a hand job, all without prior touching, kissing, or foreplay of any kind.
Female 1: Last night he gave me a Wellington.

Female 2: What? No titty or ass grabbing, whatsoever?

Female 1: Nope, just a straight Wellington.
by Dr. Derelicte June 1, 2010
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Wellington is a name given to sons of nobles , sons of wealthy families. Wellingtons are generally thoughtful extremely euphoric , interact a lot with people and are good listeners , very atractive and good boyfriends
“Hi Wellington, how are you
Can you be my Boyfriend Wellington?”
by RICARDINHO X.0 November 21, 2021
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place. Only the best city in New Zealand! Struth! From the beehive-shaped legislative buildings to the furnicular railroad that takes you down to the cricket rink there is little about Wellington that won't stop your heart with its grandeur.

Taken off the natives by enterprising Europeans in the seventeenth century, Wellington was rapidly developed into a pasture for sheep.

Rugby is played a bit but the terrain isn't really favourable and the people are more likely to follow lawn bowling or rounders.
Wellington is nearly as pretty as Christchurch and, with a good bit of work, could be as interesting as Auckland.

Without the first-class rugby.

by gnostic 1 December 9, 2012
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