an excuse commonly used (esp. by males) to justify locking ones self in a room (often bedroom) for the purpose of fulfilling ones daily masturbational quota/to listen to speed garage.
"right then, im off to write an essay."
by Rib March 30, 2004
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A rediculously shitty class that all college freshmen in New York City and perhaps all of the United States are required to take. It is the incarnation of all that is wrong with the world. Students are forced to relentlessly pull bullshit out of their asses and smear it on pieces of paper that are turned in for grades that will inevitably tarnish their GPA's forever.

Through association, it has become one of the most loathed and negative phrases ever to emerge from the english language. Can be used as a harsh insult that leaves the insulted party broken, teary-eyed, and in need of psychological therapy to recover.
"You know what? Your momma's such a fuckin idiot that she LIKED 'Writing the Essay' class. ZINGGGG!"

-The Yo' Momma joke to end all insults. It is the last resort and is only used as an extreme measure.
by Wai November 22, 2004
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