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Omegle is a anonymous chat site for chatting with strangers all around the world. Most people on Omegle look for horny teen girls, and sexting. Also, at least 99,9% percent of its users are:
- horny douchebags looking for sluts to add them on Kik or Skype. Will disconnect if you are male, or don't have Kik/Skype.

- Pedophiles baiting for teen girls, very common in video chat.
- Horny indians. If you are on Omegle, the chances of running into an Indian guy are 75%. They can't spell and sometimes they don't even reply and disconnect immediately. Often avoided by omegle users.
- /b/tards and trolls: Very commonly found when using spy mode. They love to piss of Omegle noobs with nasty stuff and copypasta.
- Bots: Always claim to be female, 20 y/o and from a random US state. They always write the same things, no matter how retarded you behave, and thus they are easily to notice. If they give out a link, it will lead you to some shitty porn site or online farming game.
Generic convo with omegle douche:
Stranger: ASL
You: 16 m US
Your conversational partner has disconnected
If female:
Stranger: ASL
You: f 16 US
Stranger: kik
You: no
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Generic convo with indian guy:
Stranger: hi asl?
You: f 16
Stranger: m 20 india
Stranger: u horny?
You have disconnected.

Convo with omegle spam bot:
Stranger: female // 20 // texas
Stranger: im here all alone and horney..
Stranger: recently I took sum pics of myself lol wanna see??
Stranger: cool, hit me up on here: *insert spam site*
Stranger: msg me,.im waiting!!!

Note how I said DESU all the time and the stranger didn't notice. This is a foolproof way to spot a bot.
by princzesa-angelina April 04, 2013
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sending two texts in a row without a reply inbetween.
Rachel: whats up?
Tessa: not to much! hbu?
Tessa: dude, i'm so bored.
Rachel: stop double texting me.
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A video chat website, where you connect to complete strangers, though 80 percent of a time it is a dude masturbating to the camera, or lonely fat chicks with their cats, but if you are very lucky you might just see Pewdiepie. 1 out of 9000 chance.
Bob: I hate the internet, too many dicks.
Steve: Were you watching gay porn?
Bob: No, I was on Omegle.
by Lonely Larry January 03, 2015
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A website ( that is an anonymous one on one chat, pretty much a feeding ground for pedos.
Chat convo on Omegle...
Pedo: ASL?
Unsuspecting girl: 13/f/ca u?
Pedo: 13 huh?
Unsuspecting girl: ya heehee, how old r u
Pedo: 45, is that too old?
Unsuspecting girl: No heehee.
Pedo: Do you like candy?
by Const.F March 31, 2009
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4 is the convergence of every side of the interwebz. You've got your horny 16 year olds, your brazilians, your pedos, trolls, lonely fat girls, complete social rejects, and stoners.
by LL Cool Jen December 22, 2009
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A troller's, horny teen, pedophile and social reject's paradise. It's the most fun you can have without concequences.
Today on Omegle:
You: Hey! Asl?
Stranger: 17 year old male, usa lookin for some fun
You:(Lie)41 male also lookin 4 some fun. Wach'ya say? Stranger:(Disconnected)

So much fun...:)
by am-chan December 10, 2010
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Omegle is an online chatroom where you don't need an account. Thought as a Paedophile Heaven for some.
Actual Omegle Convos.

Stranger: Hi, horny, 16.
You: Uhm...
Stranger: asl?
You: 12, f, uk
Stranger: Cute. Send me pic. :D
You have disconnected.


You: hi
Stranger: hi. im v horny.
You: LOL
Stranger: bra size?
You: 34dd
Stranger: HOT!
You: really. i hate having these manboobs.
Your conversational...
by paedoproof February 04, 2010
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