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a fatal form of live action roleplay, originating from the webcomic homestuck
she wasn't allowed to go flarping with her friends because her moirail thought it was far too dangerous
by kittenaya February 25, 2013
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The act of utilizing Flarp around a public location, such as a store or supermarket. The sound that Flarp makes can be performed numerous ways, very creative ways, in order to confuse any pedestrian. Flarping is a soon-to-be art form that includes three crucial pieces: the sound, the execution of the act, and the response/reaction of the victim.
Mike: "Hey Hunt, what are you doing this weekend?"

Hunt: "I'm going flarping with the guys. wanna come with us?"

Mike: "Fuck yea! I was hoping you would ask! This means a lot to me bro!"
by Gogs Mena March 31, 2008
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Tom: Why is Brian's hand down his pants?
Mike: Oh, he's flarping to that wood elf over there.
Tom: Just repulsive.
by w33dx4xl1f3 August 10, 2010
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The act of cock blocking a random hook-up... especially when one is desperate and looking to get some.
"No flarping allowed tonight! I'm desperate and haven't gotten any in months!"
by flarpflarpyflarpington November 06, 2009
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When you flirt with your girl/man while you're larping
So I was larping the other day and girl totally was into me. It was a flarping.
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by Leonhearted August 15, 2017
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